The Why Behind Your Decisions

As individuals, every single day we are faced with making decisions. Some decisions are routine and easily made. Others take time, are more complex and involve a detailed thought process. Certain times, we are faced with major decisions. The type that can change the course of our life significantly, setting it in a new direction. These life-altering decisions not only affect the individual making them, but also the loved ones surrounding that individual. Life has an interesting way of presenting opportunities at just the right time. Life also has an interesting way of clearing the haze of thoughts in our mind and showing a preferred path that we know deep down inside, must be taken.

An important lesson learned...

We are constantly learning throughout our lives. One very important lesson I learned over the last five years is patience. I learned that patience has two parts, as it relates to making decisions. The first part is time. That is, take your time in making any major decisions. The more time taken will allow the haze of thoughts to clear in your mind. It will also allow certain unforeseen events to unfold, making your decisions clear and more manageable. Quite often things happen to us in our lives either good or bad and we are caught up in the moment. It is here we tend to make a quick decision without really taking our time to think through the situation. The second part is your gut. We all know the phrase, “go with your gut feeling.” It is usually always right.

As I sit back and take my time with the many decisions I have needed to make over the last five years, I often find myself debating the outcome in my head. The problem is we don’t really know what the outcome will be all the time. That is the beauty and essence of life. We can put out best foot forward, take our time with our decisions and once made, support those decisions to the best of our ability. If we set aside a sufficient amount of time to make our decision and went with our gut feeling, we place ourselves in a good position to see a positive outcome.

Your WHY is so important…

For my life, in recent years, I have surrounded all of my decisions with one thing in mind. That one thing, which is always backed with good intent, is the well-being and bright future of my two daughters. All of my decisions in life are made with their lives in mind and with this; I know that when making the hard choices, those decisions are predicated on giving them the best opportunity to live the most fulfilled life possible. I am telling you this because life is hard. Making big decisions sometimes can be hard. Really hard. I’ve learned though that if you figure out your WHY in life and surround your most important decisions with your WHY, you are giving yourself the best chance possible at making the right decision.

My WHY in simple. My daughters. They are the reason I wake up every morning. They are also the foundation for every major decision I make in life. I am building a life for them to grow up in and I am setting an example for them to learn from. The formula I learned in recent years for making decisions is this.

Take sufficient time to make big decisions.

Make your WHY the foundation of your decision.

Go with your gut feeling.

Nothing in life is perfect and nothing in life is guaranteed but I am learning this one thing. The more I begin to use this formula, the better chance I have with making the right decisions.