My Story

Four years ago I started a new chapter in life I never thought would be part of my story. It can be a difficult time when life places challenges and hurdles in your path. A time where the unknown makes you want to crawl back in bed in the morning. A time when you feel like you failed and let down your children. What I found though, over the last four years, is that a time of failure and setback can often be one of the greatest periods of learning and growth.

Self-Awareness Helps Discover Purpose

Learning who you are as a person through a period of self-awareness is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Becoming aware of your faults and weaknesses along with your strengths allows one to find their path in life and ultimately their purpose. The thing is - starting that new chapter in my life and forging a new relationship with my two daughters as a single dad, opened my eyes to the world around us in a way I never imagined.

About two years ago I had a conversation with one of my daughters that changed the course of my life forever. After several months of running this conversation through my mind I decided to take action and started writing it all down. The conversation I had with my daughter sparked thoughts in my mind that developed over time with my new career in healthcare. Experiences and situations as an EMT as well as working in a local ER allowed me to bring my vision together as I kept writing month after month.

Today, fifteen months after I put the first words on paper, I am ready to launch my first book, Chasing A Difference - How making a difference in the lives of our children will strengthen the communities we work and live in. By supporting the growth and stability of their minds, we will ensure a stronger world of tomorrow.

Meet the Author

I believe in a future where the vast majority of people give back to their communities, strengthening the neighborhoods they work and live in. I believe this is done by giving everything we have to our children. Our future starts with the very thoughts and actions of our children. They will, one day, be the adults orchestrating all the changed needed to continue making a difference in the lives of others.

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Dustin K. Caruso

Author - Chasing A Difference

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Dustin has had a passion for making a difference and helping others from a young age. His purpose in life is to inspire people to want to strengthen and give back to the communities they work and live in. His mission is to create a movement of change bringing people and ideas together so that those ideas can be collectively executed on in order to strengthen our communities for future generations. Dustin lives in Southern Rhode Island while raising his two daughters and enjoying the beautiful Ocean State.

It all started with six little words said to me by my 4-year old daughter. These six words changed the course of my life forever. They allowed me to have a glimpse at life through the eyes of a child. Ultimately, these six words, innocently spoken by my daughter, opened my eyes to the importance of making a difference in our communities today. They unlocked a door in my heart that was waiting to be opened for years. Undoubtedly, these six words, a simple question, started a chain of thoughts and inspiration like nothing I have ever encountered in my entire life.


This book is not designed to have all the answers. It is designed to inspire ideas that can be implemented within our communities throughout the country. It has taken some specific core areas to focus on and created a blue print to build upon. It was written as the beginning of a movement. A movement greater and bigger than all of us individually. At the center of this movement, our most precious resource, our children. We cannot neglect them anymore and we owe it to them to think, implement and create change in our most precious asset, our Country.

Chasing A Difference

Creating an awareness in order to bring those together that want to make a difference in the lives of our children by strengthening our communities and supporting strong healthy minds in every child.