Creating An Awareness

Blog Post 77

How a child is educated at home, in school and throughout society is an extremely important foundation for that child’s life. These three systems encompass a child’s environment and it is important to understand that in almost every circumstance, this environment not really in their control. Here is what I mean by that.

As adults if we do not like where we are or what is going on in our lives, we have the ability to change it or move out of that situation. We can do this either physically or emotionally. If you don’t like the city you live in or your social environment, as an adult you can move. If you don’t like your job or your co-workers, you can get new ones. Children most of the time cannot make these decisions. They are bound to live where their parents choose to do so. A child’s environment is given to them and being dependent on parents, they cannot remove themselves from that environment. They also have not fully reached the mental capacity to remove themselves emotionally from challenging situations with friends. They are still learning the many coping mechanisms used when dealing with emotional situations as they interact with their classmates.

Three Pillars To Making A Difference Foster Care & Adoption, Adolescent Mental Health, Local Elementary and Middle Schools

Regarding making a difference in the lives of our children, if we are going to create an awareness and a plan in order to affect them in a positive manner – then the question I often ask myself is -

Where should we start first?

I think the most important point is that we simply just start and not worry about which area. Starting is always the biggest challenge in any new project. If we are going to give everything we have to our children and focus on affecting the three pillars within our communities then we need to simply start. We will be guided in the right direction if we start and build the solid foundation we need, brick by brick, within each community across the country.

Talking about the notion of “just starting,” I do believe the opportunity for the greatest impact within the Positive Guidance Loop™ (talked about in Chasing A Difference), is to place our efforts toward society directly within our communities. Launching projects that support children within their community will create positive results that trickle back down into their school and into their home.

I said this in my book, most parents and teachers are doing a great job with their children and students. Every area of course, has an opportunity for improvement. That being said, I believe the area needing the most improvement is the education our children get when they are out within society. If we start here creating effective programs to serve our children, the Positive Guidance Loop™ will do its job and send those lessons back into school and back home. If we figure out ways to lessen the pressure of these outside forces that push and pull on the Positive Guidance Loop™ then we can effectively influence the young lives of our children as they learn, grow and become young adults.

We need to think about the following questions as we put together our thoughts.

What can we do to help children as their parents feel the pressure from lack of time?

How about the pressure from lack of money?

How can we come together as a community and be more resourceful so that we can ascertain the proper resources needed for our children to prosper during this fragile time in their lives?

What can we do to help children that need a hand up because their family is experiencing divorce or some other disruption in the family unit?

Ultimately, we need a plan and we need to execute on it immediately. We need to understand that our children need a hand up and that we cannot ignore them anymore.

We need to have an awareness of the situation.

That very last sentence is the entire reason why I wrote Chasing A Difference. I guess I answered my own question, “Where do we start?” We start at having an awareness of the situation at hand. “Where do we end?” - You ask. That I can answer. It never ends. This mission will last a lifetime. A battle that we need to keep winning every day. At the end of your time, someone else will keep fighting and take your place. You my friend, will get to take with you the ultimate prize. That feeling inside your heart knowing that you positively affected the lives of many children within your community while you were here. That feeling knowing you gave everything you have to strengthening your community so our children can learn to be leaders and contributing members of society. That my friend can be taken with you forever, inside your heart and inside your soul.