Foster Care & Adoption

The pillar of Foster Care & Adoption encompasses the family unit and making sure our children in this system have a fighting chance at having a family.

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Adolescent Mental Health

The pillar of Adolescent Mental Health entails making sure our children that have behavioral health challenges get the care they need early.

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Elementary & Middle Schools

The pillar of local Elementary & Middle Schools involves making sure our teachers get the support they need so they can focus on developing our children into great students and individuals.

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Together We Can Do This.

Chasing A Difference is an in-depth look at a child’s environment including home, school and the society they live in. It looks at the outside forces placing a strain on parents and teachers in today’s world. Placing our children first and giving our entire focus on influencing and making a difference in their lives, we will begin the process of building strong communities of tomorrow.

Chasing A Difference looks at three pillars of impact or influence where we can make the biggest difference in the lives of every child in our Country. The pillars are Foster Care and Adoption, Adolescent Mental Health and Local Elementary and Middle Schools. Through these core areas, a blue print is set to build upon together in the years to come.

Chasing A Difference is the beginning of a movement – a movement greater and bigger than all of us individually. At the center of this movement, our most precious resource, our children. Our future starts with the very thoughts and actions of our children and the core areas in this book intersect at supporting strong healthy minds in every child.


Chasing A Difference

Creating an awareness in order to bring those together that want to make a difference in the lives of our children by strengthening our communities and supporting strong healthy minds in every child.